Embedding Back Box for Multi Box

T/Mould Project in Serial Production

The Task:

Matching to the cover for the multi box also a two piece back box ought to be manufactured. The gating should be central, a complex redirection of the hot runner system should be avoided.

The Solution:

The 1+1 cavity layout of the used Tandem Tool enables a production output of both components in 30 seconds. The main focus of this solution is tied to the gating: Both parts of the first and second parting level are centrally gated with a hot runner system. In this case, in order to fill the second parting level, the gating is being done through the product of the first parting level.

The Result:

Tandem Technology and central gating do not exclude each other. The Tandem Solution can be achieved in a way so that the redirection of the hot runner system can be avoided.

Project Data

TandemMould 1+1-cavity for Underfloor box for Multibox

Material ABS
Wall thickness 3 mm
Size of parts 175 × 130 × 60 mm³
Weight of parts 206 g
Injection moulding machine Arburg 470 C 1500-800
Cycle time ca. 30 seconds for two parts
Application area Thermostatic Controller Systems


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