T/Mould - simple solutions for better success!

The easier a solution is, the more efficiently it is often.With the development of the tandem technology, the T/Mould Solution GmbH & Co. KG has found a way to increase the efficiency of injection molding considerably.

T/Mould sells exclusively Locking Systems that are needed for the Tandem Technology. In addition, the company that started out in the tool building, offers a range of services that came from longtime experience, for the highly efficient use of this simple and therefore even more effective Technology.

Even before the decision for the Tandem Technology is made T/Mould supports its customers at the calculation of components and tools through the creation of feasibility study and with the development of profitability analyzes.

The introduction of the Tandem Technology is being accompanied by T/Mould with technical support and the complete support that is needed for the desired project. From a simple expert advice over the individually created
data up to the finished Tandem Tool, T/Mould delivers every building block that is requested by the customer to achieve sustainable and successful use of the Tandem Technology.

For more information on T / Mould Solution GmbH & Co. KG, we are more than happy to assist.