Already Realized Materials

TandemMoulds run for production with different materials. See the following list of the already realized thermoplastics.

Experiences with duromers and elastomers are already made.

If you need more information regarding the realized materials please contact

Abbr. Name Remarks Realized T/Mould projects
PE Polyethylen also PE-LD, PE-HD u.a. among others: several parts medical industry
PP Polypropylen < LGF 20;< GF 35;< TV 20;also in combination with Mucell und GIT a.o. among others: several door applications, household industry
PS Polystyrol also with foaming agent several industries
ABS Acrylnitrilbutadienstyrol - among others: lining for automotive industry
PA6/PA 6.6 Polyamid 6 < GF50;also in combination with Mucell und GIT among others: housing applications, functional components, hardening units
PBT Polybuthylenterephthalat - among others: automotive, automobile
PBT + PC PBT + PC – Blend - among others: suitcase items
PC Polycarbonat - among others: case for medical industry, window applications
PC + ABS PC + ABS – Blend - among others: linings
PMMA Polymethylmethacrylat - among others: bezels, window applications
POM Polyoxymethylen also with hot runner system among others: functional components, mounting items
PPA Polyphthalamid - automotive
PP + EPDM Polypropylene + ethylene propylene diene monomer rubber also “Multispot” among others: several interior and exterior parts
PVC Polyvinylchlorid - animal models
SAN Styrene-acrylonitrile resin - among others: transparent hoods
TPE Thermoplastic elastomers mostly as 2K, but also 1K; also as TPV among others: several ealings (sealing rings, sealing lips, mats)