Vacuum Cleaner

T/Mould Project in Serial Production

The Task:

In order to achieve the planned production volume of a vacuum cleaner attachment produced through injection molding it is planned to increase significantly the output quantity. Production cost and time are important for the selection of the implementation process.

The Solution:

With help of a 3+3 Tandem Tool (each parting level has 3 components) it is possible to significantly increase the production output of the attachments within a certain time frame. Through this the production cost per piece was drastically reduced.

The Result:

The chosen 3+3 cavity Tandem Tool gets significant advantages to other potential solutions: In contrast to a 6 cavity standard tool solution it does not require a larger injection molding machine, whereby the production cost will be significantly lower. And also in comparison to a 3 cavity standard tool the result of the Tandem Tool is better since it is possible to produce the double volume within the same cycle time.

Project Data

TandemMould 3+3-cavity Product “Closure of vacuum cleaner bag”

Material PP
Wall thickness 1 ? 2 mm
Size of parts Each: 105 × 246 × 2 mm 3
Weight of parts Each: 18 g
Injection moulding machine 110 t Elektra Ferromatik
Cycle time 9 seconds for all six parts
Application area Household appliances


Closure of v. cleaner bag
Closure of v. cleaner bag
Runner system
Runner system