Water Outlet

T/Mould Project in Serial Production

The Task:

For the production manufacturing of a 2-piece Water Outlet, T/Mould received the order to layout the product design, to increase the product efficiency and to develop the Tandem Tool for this application.

The Solution:

Through the usage of the Tandem Technology it was possible to implement two different components (family tool) into two parting lines. In the first parting line the Lower Housing is being molded, in the second parting line matching Upper Housing of the Water Outlet. While having the cooling process in the first parting line, the material is being injected into the second parting line. The double production process works opposite as well.

The Result:

In this example the Tandem Technology allows the increase of production output by 100 , reducing the production cost by approx. 50. Through the usage of the Tandem Tool a complete Injection Molding Machine can be saved without reducing the production output.

The component production optimization was realized on a Ferromatik Milacron Maxima 350.

Project Data

Material ABS
Wall thickness 3 ? 8 mm
Size of parts Upper part: 230 × 230 × 25 mm3, Lower part: 270 × 270 × 30 mm3
Weight of parts Upper part: 484 g, Lower part: 295 g
Injection moulding machine Maxima 350, Ferromatik Milacron
Cycle time 60 Sekunden f├╝r beide Bauteile
Application area Swimming baths(chlorine metering)
Special feature The mass flow can be adjusted from outside (without opening the water outlet)


Water outlet w. adjustment key
Water outlet w. adjustment key
Water Outlet Upper Part
Water Outlet Upper Part
Water Outlet Lower Part
Water Outlet Lower Part