Rights & Service

Exclusive Distribution for the Tandem Technology

The T/Mould Solution GmbH & Co. KG holds the sole rights to the worldwide used Tandem Technology for tools and distributes exclusively the resulting developed Locking Systems.

As developer and implementer T/Mould offers its customers the complete delivery and support service for the Tandem Technology with all its benefits.


Almost every injection molding machine is either equipped or can be equipped with the Tandem Control. Every toolmaker can implement the Tandem Technology. We will explain how.


How is it possible to implement the Tandem Technology into an existing injection molding machine? T/Mould offers practical support and a complete consulting up to the implementation.


The purchase of a Locking System from T/Mould includes the full rights of the Tandem Technology for the equipped Tandem Tool. No additional license fees incur for already purchased Locking Systems.