Tandem Tools ?

intelligent Technology made by T/Mould

Tandem Tools have two parting levels which open and close alternately. While one opens to eject, the other level is being held with necessary force by a Locking System.

The CLS ? Locking System developed and patented, can be integrated into the tool using only little space and will be hydraulically or pneumatically activated. Proximity limit switches detect the position of the locking system and provide a reliable control, feedback and safety.

More Output with the same Effort

The increased output compared to an injection molding machine using standard tools can be substantial for processes with a cooling time of 50% and more of a cycle, so that for economic reasons there is no way getting around the Tandem Solution. Even with reduced cooling times it is possible to increase efficiency by using the Tandem Technology.

The quality of the produced plastic components does not suffer despite higher output. On the contrary, through the usage of a Tandem Tool it is possible to increase the cooling phase without (essential) impairment of the overall productivity. The Clamping Force Need in this phases amounts to maximum 20% and can be easily covered without any issues with the CLS-Locking System.

With the Tandem Solution the tooling cost lays only about 10% over the cost of two standard tools for the same piece capacity.

Usage without Restrictions

In general all desired components can be produced with Tandem Tools, since these Tools can be seen as the combination of two standard tools.
Consequently, after a software update, they can be used on almost all standard injection molding machines. The usage of Tandem Tools is possible without restrictions on machines with a clamping force of 50 tons and higher.

You will find details to various Locking System Sizes under The Locking Systems. Information regarding the License Fees you will find under Rights & Service