Tandem Project: B-Pillar

T/Mould Project in Serial Production

The Task:

In order to able to produce the same volume of left and right B-Pillar Covers for a vehicle, for one delivery volume with standard tools it is necessary to have a secondary mold change or an additional production machine. Both should be avoided for (piece) cost and time reasons.

The Solution:

Through the usage of a 2+2 cavity Tandem Tool it is possible to produce at the same time left and right Cover components in desired volumes. Each parting level of the tool has two cavities.

The Result:

2 × 2 components in 46 seconds. After a singular Tandem Tool mold change the injection molding machine produces to same extent as two comparable machines with each one standard tool.

Project Data

Material PP + EPDM
Wall thickness 1 ? 3 mm
Size of parts Each part: 170 × 535 × 375 mm 3
Weight of parts Each part: 188 g
Injection moulding machine Kraus Maffei 500 t
Cycle time 46 seconds for all four parts
Application area Interior panel for automobile


Left B-pillar interior panel
Left B-pillar interior panel
Right B-pillar interior panel
Right B-pillar interior panel