Twindrive-Care (TDC)

T/Mould Project in Serial Production

The Task:

With the TDC (Twindrive®-Care) it is possible easier and convenient to adjust the settings of care beds. The products that are being used close to people in hospitals and nursing homes require highest demands to material and conditions. The TDC of the manufacturer LINAK consist e.g. of a housing and cover component. Both are being released in same volumes.

The Solution:

Two components, one product. With the 1+1 cavity Tandem Tool it is possible to mold both needed components for the TDC in one cycle. Mold changes and additional machines are eliminated. To work against the shrinkage in the sealing area a gas injection process is being used.

The Result:

In 65 seconds to the finished 2-part product. Without to have to compromise the quality both, housing and cover can be produced in one Tandem cycle and in one injection molding machine.

Project Data

TandemMould 1+1-cavities for body and cover products of a TDC

Material PP GF 20
Wall thickness 4 mm; 13.5 mm (in the area of gas injection)
Size of parts Body: ca. 850 × 190 × 90 mm³, Cover: ca. 850 × 190 × 70 mm³
Weight of parts Body: 1412 g, Cover: 554 g
Injection moulding machine Battenfeld TM 650
Cycle time ca. 65 Seconds
Application area Hospital and Care beds
Specials GIT within parting level 2


Deckel, Bauteil in Trennebene1
Deckel, Bauteil in Trennebene1