Vacuum Cleaner Bag

T/Mould Project in Serial Production

To reach the planned output the production costs of the 3+3-cavities TandemMould were much less then the production costs of a 6-cavities standard mould (because of the needed bigger machine).

The production with two 3-cavities standard moulds would have led to higher production costs, too, because with producing with a TandemMould the injection moulder achieves the double output within the same cycle time as in the standard mould.

The costs for the moulds of the three mould concepts (3+3-cavities TandemMould, 6-cavities standard mould and two 3-cavities standard moulds) would have been nearly the same and did not influence the decision.

Project Data

TandemMould 3+3-cavity Product “Closure of vacuum cleaner bag”

Material PP
Wall thickness 1 ? 2 mm
Size of parts Each: 105 × 246 × 2 mm 3
Weight of parts Each: 18 g
Injection moulding machine 110 t Elektra Ferromatik
Cycle time 9 seconds for all six parts
Application area Household appliances


Closure of v. cleaner bag
Closure of v. cleaner bag
Runner system
Runner system