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Most of the time the simpler the solution, the more efficient it is. With the development of Tandem Technology, we have found a way of increasing the efficiency of injection moulding dramatically. We sell, exclusively, the necessary interlocking system for Tandem Technology.
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    Tandem tool

    Tandem tools have two parting lines that open and close alternately. While one of them is opening for demoulding, a locking system holds the other level closed with the necessary force.

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    Interlocking systems

    The heart of the tandem technology is the locking system, the Compact Locking System (CLS). It takes over the reliable mutual closing and opening of two parting lines within one mold.

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    Tool making, project planning and injection molding. The basis for our success is our many years of experience in the areas of tool making, project planning and injection molding. Try us!

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