Rights of Use

Exclusive sales and distribution for Tandem Technology

T/Mould Solution GmbH & Co. KG has the sole right of use for the worldwide deployment of Tandem Technology for tools and, exclusively, sells the resulting interlocking systems.

As the developer and implementer, T/Mould Solutions offers its customers the complete supply and service package for Tandem Technology with all its benefits.


Practically every injection-moulding machine can be equipped with or converted to Tandem Control. Every tool and mould maker can incorporate Tandem Technology. We would like to explain how.


How can Tandem Technology be integrated into an existing injection moulding machine? 

T/Mould Solution offers practical help and comprehensive consultancy right up to implementation. 

Sales and distribution:

The purchase of an interlocking system at T/Mould Solution includes the unlimited rights of use of the Tandem Technology for the equipped Tandem Tool. There are no licence fees for interlocking systems, which have already been purchased.

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