Project Planning

From the idea to series production.

Like with every other tool, the Tandem Tool must be adapted to the system of an injection moulding machine. As our Tandem Tool is compatible with practically all types of machine, little time and effort is required for the implementation.

Over and above that, we do not leave you alone with the integration of our Tandem Tool.  We ensure the implementation and modification of our joint project with the following measures:

  • We will support you in every part of the implementation phase
  • We can take on the complete project planning from components or modules and tool concepts 
  • We integrate nearly all common software applications into the system. 
  • Our experienced constructors develop and plan your plastic part until the end product reaches the ready-for-use stage.
  • We provide prototype parts in 3D print and trial tools at competitive prices with very good lead times.
  • We offer you the complete package from the idea to series production.

Use our competence and experience for the frictionless integration of Tandem Technology in your company. However complicated your project is, T/Mould is the perfect partner for tool making who will not move from your side.

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