Tandem Tools

The functioning of a Tandem Tool can be explained simply, but the mechanism is elaborate.

In contrast to a normal injection mould tool, a Tandem Tool is equipped with two parting surfaces and, thus, is equipped with two cavities.

On the other hand the injection-mould machine does not need to have any special characteristics. The Tandem tool is steered by the software of the manufacturer’s injection-mould machine It controls the cycle in which a cavity is injected, during which the other cavity cools down.


T/Mould’s special development

The special interlocking system - makes it possible for both parting surfaces to drive out at different times for mould release. This system is the heart of Tandem Technology.

We have developed it and made it marketable as a CLS interlocking system. It requires little space and can be integrated into the tool and moved hydraulically or pneumatically.


Advantages with every cycle

The advantage of the Tandem Tool is obvious: Machine down time practically does not exist anymore with this technology, because the cooling time of one cavity allows for the other one to be injected.

The advantages:

  • Far more output in comparison with other injection moulding machines with a standard tool- even with products with a short cooling time.
  • An increase in quality without the impairment of productivity through the extension of the cooling phase (an equilibrium in productivity because of the two cavities).


Use without limitations

The CLS interlocking system for the Tandem Tool, which was developed by us over many years, passes every test. Without any problem, it fulfills the closing-force requirement in every phase of the production cycle.  

Generally, all the required components can be produced, because this tool can be considered as a combination of two standard tools.

With the Tandem solution, the tool costs are only approx.10% higher than two standard tools with the same production output.

After a software update, the Tandem tool can be used with practically all injection moulding machines. The use of the Tandem tool is, without limitations, possible from a machine closing force of 50 tonnes.

Details on the different interlocking system sizes can be found under interlocking systems

Further information on licensing fees can be found here.

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