We are T/Mould

Most of the time the simpler the solution, the more efficient it is. With the development of Tandem Technology, we have found a way of increasing the efficiency of injection moulding dramatically.

T/Mould Solution develops individual solutions for the application of Tandem Technology in the injection moulding industry. We are exclusive sellers and distributors of highly specialised interlocking systems, which are required for anti-cyclical filling and the mould release of both of the cavities (parting surfaces) of a Tandem Tool. 

For over 10 years, T/Mould Solution has been a provider and innovator in Tandem Technology. We started in classical tool making where we gained decades of experience, looked for optimisation opportunities, and found special solutions for increasing efficiency. 

Today we can look favourably at our product offering from the perspective of our clients. By means of our calculation of component and tool value, we are able to create transparency, and via the compilation of feasibility studies or profitability analyses we can ensure planning dependability.

T/Mould Solution offers the complete service, which is required by the clients for the successful introduction of Tandem Technology. The following services are part of the T/Mould Solution package: completely equipped, immediately deployable Tandem Tools; in-house technical support; individually created data sets; professional advice with hotline support. 

If you require further information on T/Mould Solution GmbH& Co. KG or our products, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Das T/Mould Solution Team: Ibrahim Hussein, Daniela Werner, Marco Werner und Udo Werner (v. l.)

The Team


Tandem technology is known worldwide and all SGM manufacturers are able to implement tandem control. Should you still have any questions or need help, please contact us, we will of course support you.